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Seniors | Milestones | Events | Pets

Kids are fun and surprising, they change so much in the blink of an eye, they grow up so fast!
 I enjoy connecting with kids and feel their joy.
 I love to capture every moment in a photograph by just letting them be a kid and creating keepsakes of your precious family you can cherish for a lifetime!

Milestones are too precious not to capture, share and have to look back on for years to come.
Let me be there to make photographs of these special moments as your teen takes a first crush to their first dance then graduates to become an adult...and everything in between and then beyond. 
These are the memories that I love to create for a lifetime for you and your loved ones. 

Starting with my first rabbit, growing up as a 4-H kid, becoming an equestrian, and my experience of teaching owners how to communicate with their dogs to thrive together, you can say I love animals.
It goes beyond just a girl in love with animals-
I connect with pets and love photographing their sincere emotion. I enjoy seeing their owners' eyes light up when they see the moment I capture of their beloved pet and family member.
The joy I feel from them is the reward for doing what I love. 

Aspiring to make your memories into images

you will be proud to share!

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