I work with brands, businesses and individuals to create inviting, eye-catching images that I know you'll love!  Whether you need photos for your social media, website, print or packaging, I'd love to help you. I offer the following services:


Food & Beverage Photography 

Professional photography for your fresh food or food product.

You can send me your food to photograph or I can use my experience as a cook in a commercial kitchen to make, style and photograph dishes using your food products.

Wine, spirits, cocktails, mixers, zero-alcohol drinks, coffee, tea, chai, mylks, juice. Styled to match your target audience, ranging from sophisticated drinks to relaxed outdoor scenes.

Food Product Photography/Food & beverage product/recipe photography- your food products or beverages made fresh or packaged.


I can make, style and shoot your cocktails/recipes/dish or baked goods. This is great for eCommerce sites selling consumer packaged goods (CPG) food products or to level up websites and social media.

Stylized/Lifestyle/Editorial Food or Product Photography


Styled Food/Beverage Photography: Stylized/Lifestyle/Editorial Food/Beverage Photography: Great for showing the ingredients in the food product or how the product is used for product enhancement. This can be in studio or on location to help brand and market you/your product 

Event/Documentary Photography

Catering, Restaurant, Bar

Catering service photography you cater, and I can shoot it on location when you style it for events, wedding, parties etc.  

This is location or styled by you and I shoot on location. Can include branding/portraiture for chef/food stylists

This is great for those needing to enhance or build their brand and put a face to your product/service. Helps connect more with your target audience and community.